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Enter Catechist Certification Information

Set up courses and requirements in the Certification Requirements window.

You can record catechist's educational requirements pertaining to their background and training.

  1. On the Personnel tab, click Catechists. Locate the appropriate record.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Certification.
  3. Click the Recap tab to view information about each level.
    • Level—Indicates Level I - IV for the requirements. The Details in this Data checkbox is selected if the requirements for the certification have not been met.
    • Certified Yes/NoYes is entered in this field if the requirements for the certification have been met. No is entered if the requirements have not been met.
    • Date—The date the certification requirements were met. If the requirements have not been met, the units needed for certification are listed instead. The units are calculated using entries on the Level tab.
  4. Click a Level tab or the Renewal tab, and click the side tab that corresponds to the type of course you want to insert.
    Note: On each Level tab, there are four side tabs. The Recap side tab contains a brief summary of certification information located on the Level tabs. The other side tabs display information about courses a catechist must complete in order to achieve the level.
  5. Click the add icon green plus sign, and select the information for each column. Courses and requirements are set up in the Certification Requirements window.
    • Course—The name of the required course or electives. To set up the course list: On the File menu, click Setup > Certification Requirements.
    • Req. Met—Indicates the certification requirement has been met. If all the checkboxes are selected, the Recap side tab displays that the catechist is certified.
    • Date—The date the course requirement was completed. Click the calendar icon red outline of a box with dots inside to select the date.
    • Units—The value of the required course in the units you use, for instance 3.00 to represent 3 hours.
    • Alternate Course—This information is optional. If the course was given another designation but is still part of the requirement, enter the name here.
    • Instructor—This information is optional. Enter the name of the person conducting the course.
    • Place—This information is optional. Enter the name of the place where the course was held.
  6. To get pre-existing requirements for a course, click Get Requirements. Click Remove Classes to have all of the existing classes removed and replaced with those set up in the Certification Requirements window. Otherwise, you can click Keep Classes.
  7. At the top, click Save.