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Locate a Record in the Diocesan Directory

In the Diocesan Directory, you can view all of your institution records divided into three major categories: Diocesan Offices/Dept/Org, Parishes/Facilities, and Groups/Businesses. The directory pulls records from those three program sections. You can also view the personnel/contacts associated with each institution.

  1. On the Diocese tab, click Diocesan Directory > Primary Information.
  2. If you know the name or ID number of the institution, click Quick Lookup. Otherwise, expand the categories and browse the list of records.
  3. If you don't find the record you want, click Refresh to update the directory with any new records added in one of the three program sections.
  4. When you locate the record, select it to display a summary in the right side of the window.
    Tip: By default, a record's type determines its subcategory in the Diocesan Directory. You can change a record's position in the directory by changing its category, type, or Also Show Under value.
  5. You can view or update the record's details.

Diocesan Directory Field Information

Defaults to the category selected when the institution record was created.
Defaults to the type selected when the institution record was created.
Also Show Under
Nest institutions under each other. For example, you can display a mission under its parent parish.
Load Institution
View the record for the selected institution.
Load Roster
View a list of all personnel assigned to or associated with the selected institution in the All Personnel window.
Load Personnel
View the record for the selected personnel.
Quick Lookup
Search for an existing record within the Diocesan Directory. If you search for a record using a partial name, for example, the lookup tool displays a list of all matching records for you to select from.