Review the Data

After exporting the data, you can open the .csv files in Microsoft Excel or import them into Google Sheets to review the information. Edit the member and donor export files so the data best suits the import into MissionInsite.
CAUTION: Do not delete or reorder the columns.
Table 1. Member and Donor Exports
Member/Donor FieldBest Practices
First and Last Name (Columns B and C)

First and last names serve as the labels for each relative point on the MissionInsite map.

If your donors include companies or organizations, those names display in the Last Name field. If you don't want to import these, delete the rows from the file.

Address (Columns D-H)
Addresses are important for plotting data on a map. Make sure you:
  • Complete or remove any entries with blank or missing address information.
  • Remove P.O. Box addresses that cannot be mapped. The Address 1 field must contain a physical address. To display P.O. Boxes in MissionInsite, enter them in the Address 2 field.
  • Check each column to ensure the data displays in the appropriate cells. Some addresses may shift within the spreadsheet cells.
Primary Phone and Email (Columns I and J)

In MissionInsite, the primary phone number and email address display for a mapped location. These are not required.

Table 2. Member Export
Member FieldBest Practices
Member Status (Column L)
MissionInsite recognizes five member statuses:
  • Member (1)
  • Regular Attender/Non Member (2)
  • Non-regular Member (3)
  • Other (4)
  • Visitor (5)

This is not pulled from any PDS field. Add the member statuses in your file to match one of these numbers.

Member by Means (Column M)
MissionInsite recognizes four member by means statuses:
  • Profession of Faith (1)
  • Transfer (2)
  • Reaffirmation (3)
  • Other (4)

This is not pulled from any PDS field. Add these statuses in your file to match one of these numbers.

Optional fields
You can import these optional fields into MissionInsite and filter which individuals display on the map.
  • First Attend Date
  • Member Date
  • Birthdate
  • Baptism Date
  • Year entered K (Kindergarten)

Review these fields in your file before importing.