Export Data to MissionInsite

What is MissionInsite?

MissionInsite is a set of tools you can use to better understand the community in and around your church. Our analytics and reports show you key behavioral, socio-economic, financial, religious, and demographic characteristics.

While you may already track some of this information about your parishioners, MissionInsite reveals strategic needs and opportunities in your community. This allows you to turn the data into decisions and take actionable steps to improve your outreach.

For example, using the PeoplePlot tool, you can plot parishioners and constituents on a mapping interface. From the map, you can determine the size of your ministry area, visualize your reach into the community, and more.

Learn more about how MissionInsite works and view sample maps and reports on our website, MissionInsite.com.

How do I get started?

To register for an account, contact us via our website or at misupport@acst.com.

After you register, you can export your PDS member and financial data.