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Family Overview

The Family Overview displays all the important information about a family so you can get a quick understanding. On the Information tab, click Families > Family Overview.

Note: You can choose which window shows up first when you click a section. Click the gear icon black gear with a hole in the middle at the top right of the Overview window, and select an option. For more, see Choose Which Window Shows First.

Family Information

The family's information displays on the left. Click a piece of information to view more details or edit it. For example, if you click the family's phone number, you are taken to the Primary Information window where you can edit it or add another.

If you don't want pictures to display, click Hide Pictures. To send an email, click the email icon yellow envelope beside an email address. To print a PDF of all the overview information, click Print. To copy the information from either the left or right column and paste it into a document or spreadsheet, right-click and select Copy Column to Clipboard.
Note: The email function uses your selections in Email and Text Setup. If you experience an issue, select Use the Simple Email dialog in the Email Server Setup window.

Member and Fund Information

Information about the family's members and funds displays on the right. Click a name or fund to go to that record's overview. Click Show Totals to view amount paid and balance due for a fund, which only take into account the current period.

You can also quickly view family members from any Families window by clicking the Members drop-down list at the top.

Customize What You See

You can select which information to show or hide on the Overview. In the top-right corner of the window, click the gear icon black gear with a hole in the middle. From here, you can select which information sections you want to display.