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Manage Parishes

A family can be registered at multiple parishes. However, their record should be associated with only one primary parish. All of the family's funds should also be linked to one primary parish.
CAUTION: If you cleared the Force the use of Manage Parishes option in the Initial Setup window, you can select the parish/organization from the drop-down lists. But be careful, as changing the parish can affect synchronization.

You can view a family's list of additional parishes.

  1. On the Families tab, click Families. Locate the appropriate record.
  2. In the Primary Information window, beside Parish/Org, click Manage Parishes.
    All parishes associated with the family display.
  3. You can add another parish or edit existing parish information in this window, if needed.
  4. To set a different parish as the family's primary, select the parish, and click Set As Primary.

    When you change the primary parish, the following information is copied over from the previous primary parish: phone numbers, email addresses, family keywords, remarks, letters, documents, and the Inactive option.

    This is a one-time copy, and any changes made hereafter are not updated on the other parish's record.

  5. To remove the family's record from a parish, select any non-primary parish, and click Remove a Parish.
    1. If you want to mark the record as inactive at the parish, click Yes when prompted. Otherwise, click No.
    2. If you want to delete the record from the parish, click Yes when prompted. The family's record will remain in your data.
  6. Click Save.

When you close the Manage Parishes dialog box, you will see the family's record for the primary parish. By default, this is the only record that displays for this family in the Families window. If you want to see the family's record for additional parishes, click the filter icon teal funnel, and select All Records instead of Primary Records Only. Additional records will show the family's name in red text.