Set Up a Pathway

Need to make sure a series of tasks gets done in your church? Add a pathway!

  • You'll need the Manage Pathways permission.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Pathways > Current.
  2. Click Add a Pathway.
  3. Click Create a pathway.
  4. Fill in as much of the form as you can. Items marked with an asterisk are required before you can move on. Point to the information icon for more information about an item. When you're ready, click Add a Step.
  5. Again, complete as much of the form as possible. A pathway leader is optional. If you have enough step leaders, you'll be able to assign one to each step. But if you don't, the work will fall to a pathway leader. Make sure pathway and step leaders turn on notifications, so they'll know when action is needed from them.
  6. When you're ready, select a save action.
    • Save & Add People to Pathway—Saves what you've done and opens a new pop-up where you can add participants.
    • Save—Saves your work and exits the pathway setup.
    • Save & Add Another Step—Saves this step and opens an empty New Step form.
  7. If you selected the first option, enter the first few letters of a participant and select them from the drop-down list. Add as many people as you like. They will be added automatically to step 1 and to any unordered steps in your pathway.
  8. Click Done.