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Manage User Accounts

Add and manage your Realm users.

In order to sign in to Realm and make changes to your own profile or, for those with permission, other people's profiles, you must have a login. This is referred to as an "account".

A basic user can make changes to his or her own account. By adding additional permissions to an account, that user takes on abilities in Realm and can do anything from adding other profiles to entering contributions, depending on the permissions assigned to them.

An administrator can add users with responsibilities, such as staff members, or invite users to use Realm in a more limited capacity, such as congregants. They are distinguished from each other by the responsibilities you assign to them. For more information, see Responsibilities.

There are four categories of users:
pyramid showing administrator at the top, followed by staff and volunteers, then ministry area, group, and pathway leaders, and finally congregants at the bottom

Profile vs. Account

Don't confuse a user account with an individual profile. Use the Add People process to add individual records you want to track, like congregants and personnel. Once a person's record is added, they have a profile page—whether they use it or not.

To log in and make updates to their profile page, those people must first create a login and password they can use to enter your site. This login is what we refer to as an account. To find out if an individual in your database has created a login, locate and open the person's record.

If the picture area says "Without Login" in the corner, he or she has an individual record (profile) but has not yet created an account.
profile picture with banner that says "without login"

For these people, you can click the ellipsis icon then Send a Realm Invite. An email is sent containing a link to your site and directions for logging in.

Locating People without Logins

To locate all unclaimed accounts, run a query for people whose Profile...doesn't have a login.