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Add Multiple People to a Pathway

Put a group of people into a pathway.

  • You'll need both the Manage Pathways and View Details for Individuals permissions.
  • Additional permissions allow you to see more attributes, as well.

The steps here let you add participants using custom queries. You can also add groups of people to pathways from Realm dashboards in a similar way.

  1. Create a query or run a saved query. Make sure the query is set up in such a way to return a list of only the people you want to add to a pathway. The individuals will only be added to one pathway at a time.
  2. In the list of profiles returned, clear the check boxes next to anyone you don't want added to the pathway.
  3. Click the Select an action drop-down list and select Add to a Pathway.
  4. Select the pathway, and click Add.

    Email notifications

    A Pathway Leader must be assigned to a pathway participant to receive daily or weekly digest emails of the participant's progress. By default, no one is assigned when a participant is added to a step.