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Pathway Permissions

Someone's access to pathways depends on their permissions.

Enable pathway/step leader permissions

This must be done by an administrator before pathway leaders and step leaders can make changes and move people through pathways. See instructions here.

Permissions in detail

In order to set up a pathway, you must have a responsibility in which the Manage Pathways permission is set to Allow. For more, see Responsibilities. But becoming a pathway or step leader also gives you a number of permissions.

Below is list of what pathways users and leaders can do in Realm.

User with Manage Pathways permissionPathway leaderStep leaderUser with View Pathways permission
Add a pathwaycheckxxx
Delete a pathwaycheck x xx
View participant's status on profilecheck x xcheck
Edit a pathwaycheckcheck*xx
Move participant to another pathwaycheckcheck* xx
Remove participant from pathwaycheckcheck* xx
Add a stepcheckcheck*xx
Delete a stepcheckcheck*xx
Edit a stepcheckcheck*check**x
Move participant to another stepcheckcheck*check**x
Add people to a stepcheckcheck*check**x
Mark a step completecheckcheck*check**x
Add/edit notescheckcheck*check**check

*A pathway leader can only make changes to a pathway he or she leads, not to other pathways.

**A step leader can only make changes to a step that he or she leads, not to other steps.