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When more detail is required, utilize predefined reports or build custom queries that you can search, sort, filter, export, or print.

In Realm, a report is just the list that results from a search of your records. It's a list of the people and orgs/businesses that match your search criteria. From that list, there's almost no end to the things you can do. The best thing about reports is that the lists you make can then be used to create mass emails, mailing labels, PDFs, and so on. You can also manipulate your records on a big scale by changing the same field on many profiles at once—or adding a number of people to a group or pathway.

There are two kinds of reports in Realm:
  • Custom Queries—These searches let you decide what you want to find. You could create a list of all the people in your records who are single, who are in a particular study group, who have an allergy to peanuts, etc. The possibilities are limited only by the kinds of information you track.
  • Predefined Reports—These are searches that we've created for you based on years of feedback from customers. They're the most commonly run searches, so we turned them into templates you can use to either get a quick list or as a basis for building more complicated searches.