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Add Steps to a Pathway

Got something else that needs doing? There's a pathway step for that.

  • You'll need the Manage Pathways permission.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Pathways > Current.
  2. Next to the pathway, click the ellipsis icon and Edit.
  3. Click Add a step or Add another step.
  4. Select whether the step is ordered or unordered. You can always move people to unordered steps; they are simply not numbered. Like other steps, however, they must be completed for an individual to finish a pathway.
  5. Enter a Step Name and, optionally, Instructions, and Leader(s).
    Tip: A step leader is very important and will be expected to help each person on a step to complete it. Make sure your step leaders turn on their notifications to be informed when anybody new enters their step.
  6. Set a Step Duration if you want to encourage quicker completion of steps. When participants exceed this range, it will be noted in the digest email to leaders.
  7. Click Save.