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Add a Disbursement

Disbursements are invoices paid with a handwritten check instead of a program-generated check. This can include specialty checks or checks written before you began using the program. These checks must be entered into the program so you can track cash and expenses accurately.

You can add a batch of one or more disbursements.

  1. On the Transactions tab, click Expenses > Disbursements.
  2. At the top, click Add Batch.
  3. In the Disbursement Batch Entry window, enter information about the disbursement.
    • Batch Date—By default, the date is set to the current fiscal month. You can change the batch date to any month that hasn't been closed.
    • Cash Account—Select the cash account that paid the disbursements.
    • Add Documents—Upload additional documents that support the disbursement.
    • Payee/Vendor—Select or enter the vendor name. Click the ellipses button to view the Vendors & Payees window. If this is a one-time vendor (and you allow one-time vendors in the Initial Setup window), select One-Time Use, and the vendor will not be added to the permanent list of vendors.
  4. In the Distribution grid, enter how you want to distribute this disbursement. If the vendor or any account numbers entered have an automatic distribution set up, you have the option to use the distribution.
    Note: The disbursement cannot be saved until the amount remaining is $0.00. When the disbursement is paid, expense accounts entered here are debited as the cash account is credited.
  5. Click Save to enter the current disbursement, or click Add Disbursement to save the current disbursement and add another.