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Set Up Account Number Formats and Codes

CAUTION: Always back up your data before making any changes to the account number format.

Before you set up your Chart of Accounts, determine the format of your account numbers. For new users, the format defaults to a four-digit account code. You can reformat this number using up to 20 characters with several parts that you define.

You can add any of these "parts": organization, fund, section, department, subdepartment, and suffix codes.
Account Number Format dialog box showing how the different parts make up the account number
  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Account Number > Account Number Format.
  2. For Prefix Common to all Account Numbers, enter a number that will directly precede all account numbers in your program, if needed.
  3. Click Add New Part, and select where to add the part.
  4. From the Type of Part drop-down list, select the part that you want to add.
    Note: Parts are optional and represent different codes, such as the Account Code, Department Code, and so on. These codes define and keep track of what the numbers in each part represent.
  5. For Width, select the number of digits for the new part.
  6. For Separator, enter an optional character to separate the different parts.
  7. Click View Proposed Changes to see how the new format will affect existing account numbers in the program.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select whether to reformat the account numbers or apply these changes to the current account numbers.
  10. Click Save.
  11. If you need to delete a part after you've saved the account number format, you can come back to this window and click Delete Part.
    CAUTION: Deleting a part of the account number format can cause duplicate account numbers. We recommend that you change any of these account numbers in the Chart of Accounts window so that every account has a unique number.
  12. When you close the window, you're prompted to verify your COA. Click Yes then Begin Verify to check your accounts and recalculate totals.

After adding the new part to the account number format, the part becomes an active option in the setup menu. You can then insert codes and add accounts for that part.

Insert Codes and Add Accounts for a Part

  1. On the File menu, click Setup. Under Account Number, click the part option you want.
  2. Click Insert Code, and enter a number and part name.
  3. Click Save/OK.
  4. Click Add Accounts.
  5. In the top grid, select the number(s) you want to add to accounts.
  6. In the bottom grid, select the accounts you want to add your number(s) to.
    Tip: If you've added accounts for another part, you can duplicate those same accounts to the part you're adding. Use the Filter Account by <Part> drop-down list to display only the accounts from a specific part. Then select the accounts you want to add to the new part, and click Start Add.
  7. Click Start Add.