Combine Marriage Records

If you converted your data from another program, you may have separate records for a bride and a groom. The PDS Marriage Register keeps a single record with both individuals' information.

In the Sacramental Registers add-on module, you can combine two records into one with all the relevant marriage information.

  1. On the Sacramental Registers tab, click Sacramental Registers > Combine Marriage Records.
  2. Select the groom's record, and review his information. If needed, click Groom Search to view current members.
  3. Select the bride's record, and review her information. If needed, click Bride Search to view current members.
  4. If the information is correct and you're ready, click Combine/OK.
  5. Click Yes to confirm you're ready to combine the records.
  6. If an entry on the records is conflicting, a message displays. Select which value to use in the combined record.

The bride and groom information now displays in a single record.