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Link Records in Sacramental Registers

You can link sacrament records to a member record in your database (if you didn't already link them when adding the sacrament record). Linking the records allows you to quickly view sacraments from the Member window, and quickly navigate between this individual's records in different sacramental registers.

  1. On the Sacramental Registers tab, click Sacramental Registers.
  2. In the menu, click the sacramental register you want. These are the names you set up in Sacrament Definitions.
  3. Locate the record you want to link, then click Field View.
  4. Beside the member's name, click Link.
  5. Select whether to link this sacramental record to an existing member record or an entry in another sacramental register, then click Use/OK.
    Note: If you link a sacramental record to an existing member, it is automatically linked with any entries in other registers that use that same name.
  6. If you're linking to an existing record, select the name or ID, then click Use/OK.
  7. If you're linking to a register entry, select the register, locate the entry, then click Use Selected Name from the List.
  8. At the top, click Save.

For linked records, the sacrament information displays in the register and in the Sacraments window of the Member area. And, when you move between sacramental registers, you'll see the entry for that person if they are in that register.