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Add Records in a Sacramental Register

You can add sacrament records for members as needed.
Note: The first time you use Sacramental Registers, you'll see a list of records associated with sacrament keywords.
  1. On the Sacramental Registers tab, click Sacramental Registers.
  2. In the menu, click the sacramental register you want. These are the names you set up in Sacrament Definitions.
  3. Click Field View, then click Add at the top.
  4. Enter the member's information.
  5. If the name and sacrament date match an existing entry, the possible duplicate information displays. If it is a match and you want to use the existing member, click Use Selected Name from the List. Otherwise, to continue adding the new entry, click Add as New Entry.
  6. At the top, click Save.
  7. After you add the record, PDS looks for a matching member in your database to link to. It searches on first name, last name, gender, and birth date. And, if you share data, it searches both Church Office and Formation Office records.
    Note: When linked, the sacrament information from the register also displays in the Sacrament window of the member's record. This makes it easy to see their sacraments, no matter which window you're on!
    1. If a possible match is found, the member's information displays. Click Yes to link the records.
    2. If a possible match is found but it's not the one you want, click No to link a different member or another sacramental register entry. If you don't want to link the record at all, click No.
    3. If no match is found, you can still link the records manually. For those steps, see Link Records in Sacramental Registers.