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Assignment Options

You can set minister assignment options and view direct assignments. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Assignment Options.

Assignment Options

Select the Do Not Schedule option to exclude the minister from the schedule. If you select Serve Different Mass from Last Served Mass, the minister will not be scheduled for the same mass twice in a row.

Number of Assignments

Assign a maximum number of times (1 to 7) a minister can be scheduled in a given week in the Max Assigns Per Week field. Select an option for Only # Times a Month if you want to limit the number of times a minister can serve in a month.

You can set the maximum limits for assignments per week and per month in the Initial Setup window.

Recurring Schedule Options

You can set up schedule options if a minister serves the same mass on a recurring basis. During scheduling, these options are considered after direct assignments. Click Set Up to add recurring options.

Direct Assignments

Use the Direct Assignments grid to insert the dates and mass/ministry names for a minister. Direct assignments are scheduled first. They are not scheduled if you have directly assigned more people to a ministry than you requested from the mass listing.

Select Only Schedule Direct Assignments to schedule a minister's direct assignments, even if Do Not Schedule is selected.

To overwrite any scheduling restrictions for a minister's direct assignments, select the Direct Assignments Override the Scheduling Restrictions option. With this selected, the program disregards the number of max assignments per week and assigns a minister to the same mass and same date.

Add Direct Assignments

  1. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Assignment Options.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. Above the Direct Assignments grid, click the add icon green plus sign. Or, to add a group of direct assignments at one time, click Add Multiple below the grid.
  4. Enter the direct date, mass name, ministry name, and an optional note.
    Note: To avoid assigning a minister to a ministry they are not commissioned in, the Ministry Name list displays their ministries in black and all others in blue. However, you can still enter any ministry. In this case, the new ministry takes precedence over the normal ministries for this individual.
  5. At the top, click Save.