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Minister Field Information

These are some of the fields you may encounter on a minister's record.

ID Number
Enter the minister's primary diocesan number. You can configure the program to automatically assign this number when adding new ministers. On the File menu, click Setup > ID Number Options.
If selected, the minister's record remains in the database but is ignored by the program during processing.
Enter the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that the minister registered, or click the calendar icon red outline of a box with dots inside to select the date.
Street Address
Enter the address of the minister residence. If the mailing address is different from the home address, enter it on the Mailing Addr. tab. If you have additional information to track about these addresses, enter it on the Addr. Remarks tab.
View a map for the address listed. The map displays an Internet mapping service. To select another map service, click Mapping Preferences at the top of the window. You must have an active Internet connection to use this feature.
Address Line 2
If a second line is required for the address, enter it here. If the minister has a different address, such as a P.O. Box, enter it on the Mailing Addr. or Alternate Addr. tab.
Enter the city/state for the street address, or select a city/state from the City/State Names drop-down list. If the city/state name you enter is not in the keyword list, a dialog box displays where you can add it.
Enter the minister's phone numbers. There's no limit on the number of phones you can enter. If applicable, enter up to six digits for a phone number extension. You can select or add a description keyword to identify the phone number, such as "Home" or "Cell". Select Unl. to indicate an unlisted number.
Enter the minister's email address. You can add multiple email addresses and send an email to all listed email addresses. Select Pref. for a preferred email address. Select Unl. if you want the email address to be omitted from reports created for external use. The first email address in this grid is used as the minister's default user name for the Minister Web App.