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Set Up Online Login Credentials

Ministers can view and change their scheduled assignments on a computer or mobile phone using our secure web application. In order for ministers to log in, you must set up their credentials.
Note: You can also change credentials for multiple ministers at one time using the Minister Online User Name and Password process.
  1. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Contact Information.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. In the Minister Online Information section, click Set Up.
    Note: If you can't see this section, make sure you have set minister online access.
  4. Enter a user name and password for the minister.
    Tip: We recommend using the first email listed on the minister's record for the user name and the minister's first name + last name initial + ID number for the password. You can click Reset to insert these default values.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click OK to acknowledge that the credentials have been updated in the app. Make sure to let your ministers know about the change.

You can print or email a letter to let your ministers know that you set up their credentials for the web app. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Reports. Under Letter Reports, select Minister Online Information Letter.

Once you set up login credentials, you're ready to upload data.