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Force Ministries Rotation

This option is only available if a minister is assigned to more than one ministry. It ensures that each minister serves in all of the ministries for which they have volunteered instead of repeatedly serving in just one ministry. On the Information tab, click Ministers > Ministry List. The Force Ministries Rotation option displays below the grid. You can set the checkbox for a group of ministers using the Force Ministries Rotation quick posting.

The scheduler adheres to the rotation of ministry assignments according to the order within the Ministry List grid and does not skip any. It's entirely possible for a minister to miss several scheduling cycles while waiting for the next ministry in the list to become available.

You can set the number of weeks that the scheduler will ignore the ministry rotation according to the order of the Ministry List grid. If the current ministry in the list doesn't become available after the designated number of weeks, the minister is automatically scheduled for the next ministry in the list.
Tip: You can make this setting higher or lower depending on the needs of the parish.
  • If the number is high, volunteers rotate through all of the ministries.
  • If the number is low, volunteers can serve in the same ministry and can be scheduled for it more frequently.