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Ready to Import

After reviewing this section, do you feel confident about how the import concepts apply to your files?

Yes – I'm Ready to Import

If you feel confident with the concepts in this section, you can continue with the import processes.

Maybe – With Assistance

Contact PDS Support at 1-877-737-4457 for assistance importing your information. You should have well-formatted .csv file(s) with a header record and clean data. Import keys are required if you need to run multiple import processes (family, member, sacrament, and so on). You can only import to the fields available in the import processes.

No – I Want Someone Else To Do This For Me

If you don't feel confident with the concepts discussed in this section, contact PDS Support at 1-877-737-4457, and we'll import the data for you. Fees may apply and vary based on the complexity of the import and whether the data needs to be refined and/or cleaned before importing.