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Create an Export File

If you want to use the Family/Member/Student Unique ID options in any of the import processes, you must first create an export report with these fields. Then, use this export report as your file during the import.

  1. On the Reports tab, click All Reports for families/members or click Student Reports for students , and click Add.
  2. Click Export to create an export report, name your export, and make any necessary selections. Click Build.
  3. In the List of Fields to Print window, select the fields you want to include, and click the right arrow to add them to your export:
    • To include families, select Unique ID under Fam > Fam - Detail.
    • To include members, select Unique ID under Mem > Mem - Detail.
    • To include students, select Unique ID under Student > Student - Detail.
  4. Select and add any additional fields you want to include in the export.
  5. Click Save/OK.
  6. Click Next, and select the export options you want.
    Note: The Import processes require a CSV file format.
  7. Click Next, and select who you want to include.
  8. When you're ready, click Build.

After you create the report, you can use the Unique ID options during any of the import processes. When you run the import processes, use the location of this report for the import file path on the File Information tab.

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Learn to create an export report of member information. 12 min 9 sec

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