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Understanding Import Keys

In order to use the import processes for more than a simple "one file" family import, you must have some understanding of relational database concepts. The import processes are intended for those who can comfortably manipulate data in Excel or work with tables in Access.

Tip: After reviewing this section, if you don't feel confident about how these apply to your file(s), contact PDS Support at 1-877-737-4457 for assistance. Fees may apply and vary based on the complexity of the import and whether the data needs to be refined and/or cleaned before importing.

To import a single file with clean, well-formatted family information, the key fields discussed in this section are not required. Key fields are typically needed when you process multiple files or when you process a single file multiple times. This way, the program can understand the relationship between the files.

Note: You can process the same file for different import processes. For example, if a file contains both family and member details, you can use it in both processes.

Importing Multiple Files Without Keys

If the files you're importing don't contain the necessary keys to link the information together, someone will need to spend the time to add this information to the files.

If you have many records, you can contact us at 1-877-737-4457 to import the data for you. Our team is staffed by trained professionals with years of experience migrating data between various systems.