Import Events from a File

CAUTION: This process alters data. We recommend backing up your data before proceeding.
Here are a few items to note before running this process:
  • This is not a scheduling process, and it does not check for conflicting events on your schedule.
  • This process does check for duplicate events and will not post an event with the same date, time, organization, and facility.
  • We strongly recommend that you include field names/headers in your file. This makes it easier to identify and select corresponding field values.
  • All other users must exit the program before you import data.

With this process, you can import event information that's saved in a .csv or .txt file. This is especially helpful if you're moving to PDS from another product.

  1. On the File menu, click System Processes > Import Events.
  2. Enter or browse to the location where your import file is saved. Once selected, your file information displays.
  3. If your file has field names or a header, select the checkbox. Click Next.
    Note: We strongly recommend that your file include field names/headers so it's easier to select corresponding field values.
  4. For each piece of event information, select the corresponding value from your file. If you don't have a value for a field, select (Do Nothing).
  5. Review your selections, then click Next.
  6. To check your file, click Pre-Import Data Check. Review the information to make sure your values are corresponding to the correct fields.
  7. If the pre-import data check is correct, click Begin Import.
  8. When the import completes, click OK.
  9. The summary shows if any errors occurred and the number of events that were added from your file. Click Finish.