Schedule Masses

You can set up a schedule for your organization's worship services.
Note: By default, the term "Mass" is used, but you can customize this to use your name for meetings. For more, see Set Initial Program Options.

Alternatively, you can schedule masses using one of the scheduling wizards. Make sure the Is a Mass checkbox is selected so they show up in the Mass Schedule window.

  1. On the Information tab, click Mass Schedule.
  2. To add a new mass, click the add icon green plus sign, and enter the mass information in the grid. Repeat this for each mass you want to schedule, then click Save.
  3. Select the mass(es) you want to schedule.
  4. Enter the date range at the bottom. The masses you selected will be scheduled weekly during this range.
  5. Click Schedule as Events.
  6. If conflicts occur, they display in the wizard.
    • To resolve event conflicts, click an option.
    • If there are no conflicts, click Schedule to complete the scheduling process.
  7. Click Next.
  8. To print a list of scheduled events, click Print List. To print a letter of event details to send to the organization associated with the event, click Print Letter.
  9. To return to the Mass Schedule window, click Next.

After you name and schedule a mass, you can search for, modify, or delete it in the Events window. You can also assign mass intentions.