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Define Sacrament Tab Names

You can define and customize the Sacrament tab names in the Sacraments section of an individual's record. Some tabs are prelabeled. You should set up the tabs and extra fields prior to entering sacrament data for individuals.

Note: The second and third tabs in the Sacrament Tab Names dialog box, Sacrament Definitions and Sacramental Register Options, are used as part of the setup for Sacramental Registers (purchased separately).
  1. On the File menu, click Sacrament Setup > Sacrament Tab Names.
  2. Tab names are listed in the first column. Select the sacrament names in the order you want them to display.
  3. Optional: In the second column, enter a label for the first field that will display on each of the sacrament tabs. For example, enter "Baptismal Name" for the Baptism tab.
  4. Click Save/OK.