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Profile Basics

A profile is simply a record in Realm. Adding a person, organization or business to Realm means you give them a profile.

Any congregant, organization or business that your church has a connection with will likely have a profile. That means you can track data connected with them such as contact information. But having a profile doesn't necessarily mean they can log in to Realm. That requires an account, which is covered in another topic.

Where do the profile fields come from?

Profile pages include fields created:
  • by Realm when you ran the automatic or assisted setup process
  • by your church on the Profile Fields tab. You can decide whether certain fields are visible when adding profiles and whether they are visible to congregants.

Families vs. Individuals

Every individual is related to a family in your database. A family can have one individual or many members. If you're used to other church management tools that distinguish between the two, you should know that families are created automatically when you add individuals in Realm.

Users with permission fill out profiles in Realm. That data is stored and used to: track attendance, track contributions, communicate with people, manage groups and events, and create reports.