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Search for Profiles

Missing the yellow pages? Try this...

Use the search bar to find people, personnel, groups, or businesses.

  1. In the search box at the top of any page, enter a name, phone number, or email address.
  2. As you type, possible matches display for different profile types. Click a section to see the possible matches.
    Note: Under personnel names, the assignment/position title displays if one is entered for the primary assignment on the personnel tab of their profile. This can help you quickly identify personnel in the list.
  3. Select a record, or finish typing the name and press Enter. If you don't see the profile you want, click See all [type] results at the bottom of the list to view the search results.
    Note: To filter profiles based on family position or a profile status of Active, Inactive, or Deceased, click the filter icon to select the options you want. Deceased only displays under Profile Status when you select Person for Type.
  4. If you still don’t see the profile you want, click Advanced Search from the results screen. Enter any additional information you have, then click New Search.

    The Advanced Search performs a new search each time you use it, rather than functioning as a filter for your current list of results.

The search feature checks the beginning of first, middle, and last names for the letter combination you enter. (Enter at least two characters of each search term.) It does not search other parts of names. So, for instance, a search of "mil" will return Millicent Jones, Bill Milton Diaz, and Sophia Millbrook. It will not return Ben Hamilton.