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Track Relationships

Track connections between individuals in your database.

Relationships help your staff understand how people at your church are connected. These are outside of the immediate family connections that are listed under "Family" on the Info tab.

For example, it may be helpful for staff to see connections outside of the family when there is an emergency and a family member cannot be contacted. And, it may be helpful for pastors to see these connections when a congregant passes away and they want to visit or speak with close friends and other relatives.

Your church can define the types of relationships you want to track using relationship tags. A smaller church may be better suited to track loose connections like friends and coworkers, whereas a larger church may choose to track immediate connections like grandparents and in-laws.

You can enter each individual's relationships on the Relationships tab on their profile. Keep in mind, individuals cannot see this information. Only users with the appropriate permissions can view, add, or edit relationships.

An example profile showing relationships with different people, such as a co-worker, grandmother, cousin, and friend


Note that relationships are separate from the Family section on the Info tab of profiles. Changes to relationships do not affect family, and changes to family do not affect relationships.