Edit Serving Team Leader Permissions

Assign serving team leaders with additional permissions.

  • You must be an administrator to do this.

When you assign someone as a serving team leader, they are automatically granted certain permissions. However, you can assign additional permissions from the Leader Permissions page.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then System Settings. Then click Users & Permissions > Leader Permissions.
  2. Click the Serving Team Leaders tab.
  3. Select the permissions you want to include. Your selections are saved automatically; there is no Save button. For more details, see Realm Permissions List, Leader Permissions.

    Serving Team Leader Default Permissions

    Serving team leaders can:

    • Send Inbox messages
    • View the list of expected volunteers for each serving time
    • Mark attendance and print marking sheets
    • Add/remove approved volunteers to a serving time
    • Edit volunteer preferences and availability