Mobile Check-in Guide

With mobile check-in, families, children, and volunteers have a safe and contactless way to check in from mobile devices. You can also record in-person and virtual attendance for worship and events, and view this data on the attendance dashboard.

You must first enable mobile check-in for the ministry areas, groups, registration events, or teams that will use it. Once enabled, individuals can then check themselves and their family in using the Realm Connect app on their mobile device.

For example, you can enable mobile check-in for a small group event and allow individuals to attend both in-person and virtually. If you choose the contactless check-in mode, attendees can check into the event from their mobile device without interacting with a kiosk or anyone else, no matter if they are attending online or in-person.

Once the event is over, you can also mark attendance and indicate who attended in-person and virtually. Data on the attendance dashboard will provide you with a breakdown of in-person vs. virtual attendance so that you can better understand how individuals engage at your events.

Enable Mobile Check-in

Administrators or individuals with permission must first enable mobile check-in. This is available for:
  • Ministry areas and groups
  • Registration events
  • Teams

Within Realm, go to Check-In and click the Mobile Check-in tab. Here, you can enable and edit mobile check-in settings for all three areas.

Within the Groups, Registration Events, or Serving Team sections, click the +Add button. Enter the name in the text box, then choose the type of check-in mode to use.

Mobile Check-in Modes

When enabling mobile check-in, you can choose from two check-in modes.

Use the Confirm Check-in at Kiosk mode if attendees need to complete the check-in process by scanning a code at a physical kiosk. Use this option if individuals need to pick up a badge from the kiosk during check-in.

If you don't need attendees to stop by a kiosk, or if this is a virtual only event, use the Contactless Check-in mode. Individuals can then just complete check-in from their own mobile device. If an event is virtual only, this is the only mode that will be available.

Editing Mobile Check-in Settings

Once you've enabled mobile check-in for a:

  • Group or Ministry Area - Mobile check-in is automatically enabled by default for all existing group events. You can edit these settings by editing the group event. When you set up a new group event, you'll have the option to enable mobile check-in upon creation.
  • Registration Event - That event will automatically use the settings you chose. You can edit this setting or remove mobile check-in from the event on the Mobile Check-in tab.
  • Serving Team - Volunteers can use mobile check-in for all serving times on a serving schedule. You can edit mobile check-in settings or remove mobile check-in from the team on the Mobile Check-in tab.

Mark In-Person and Virtual Attendance

When you create a group or registration event, you can select how individuals attend:

  • In-person only
  • Virtual only
  • In-person and virtual

Marking attendance records individuals based on whether they attend in-person or virtually. If an event is only in-person or only virtual, attendance automatically records this. But for events that have the option to attend both in-person and virtual, you can additionally mark individuals based on how they attended.

On the attendance dashboard, you can view data on the number of attendees who were in-person vs. virtual, so you can better see how individuals engage with your events.

Check In Using Your Mobile Device

This is a walk-through for administrators to see how congregants use mobile check-in from their device. Group members who are attending a group event and volunteers who are assigned to a serving opportunity can automatically use mobile check-in. However, only individuals who are registered for a registration event can check in using their mobile device.

If Realm Connect app notifications are enabled, you will receive a notification for upcoming mobile check-in events. You can tap this notification to start the check-in process.

If you do not receive notifications, tap the Mobile Check-In option from your app's main menu instead.

If an event has the option for in person and online attendance, you can select between them during check-in. You can also view and update your child's emergency contact.

With mobile check-in, you can check your entire family in for all events at one time from your mobile device.

When you tap Check-In, you'll see an overview that displays when check-in is completed or if you need to go to a kiosk to finish the check-in process.

Here, check-in for James is complete because he is attending his event online. However, Meagan and Zach still need to complete their check-in at a kiosk for an in person event.

Tap Continue to view the code that you can scan or enter at the kiosk to complete your family's check-in.

Tap Where do I find the right kiosk? if you're unsure of the kiosk's location.

Tap View Online Event Details if you're attending an online event.

Here, you can tap Join Online Event to attend the online event from your mobile device. Tap Copy Password to Clipboard to quickly copy the password if one is required to join the event.