Mark attendance for group events.

You can mark attendance for group meetings and worship from the Events tab on the group page. This allows you to record who is attending which events for each group. Using attendance profiles, such as the one pictured below, saves time since you can move quickly from one class to the next in the profile.

Select Events to Mark screen with table of groups, events, event times, marked statuses, and totals.
1 Attendance Profile – The attendance profile you selected.
2 Total events to mark – By default, all events on the page are selected. You can clear the check mark beside any event to remove it from the mark attendance process. The total updates as you make selections.
3 Ministry Area(s) – The hierarchical path that you would follow to access the group you are currently marking attendance for.
4 Group/Event – The group and the event you are marking attendance for.
5 Time – The meeting time for the group/event.
6 Incomplete – Displays when attendance has not been marked for the event.
7 Did Not Meet – Select this to mark an event that did not meet. To reinstate the event, click the ellipsis icon, then select Reinstate Event.