Types of Leaders

Leaders can manage groups, pathways steps, or serving teams.

Group Leader

A group leader manages the participants within a group and oversees group meetings. They also manage the group's communication tools such as the Newsfeed, chat, and inbox.

For more information on how to make someone a group leader, click here.

Serving Team Leader

A serving team leader manages the volunteers on a serving team roster. If communication tools are enabled for teams, they manage the team's Newsfeed, chat, and inbox. They may also create and manage schedules for the team.

A user with responsibility assigns team leaders when they create or edit a serving team.

Step Leader

A step leader's job is to help participants complete a step on a pathway. Then, the step leader marks that step as done for the participant, which moves the participant to the next pathway step.

For more information on how to make someone a step leader, click here.