Keyword Descriptions

Keywords represent data you use throughout the program. You can add them on records for funds, vendors, and employees.
City/State Names

Cities/states, country codes, area codes, and Zip/Postal codes to use in address fields. The Default City/State you select is automatically inserted when you click or tab to a blank City/State field.

Phone Description Names

Types of phone numbers people use, like "Home", "Cell", and "Office".

Asset Categories

Types of fixed asset categories, such as "Car", "Building", and "Computer".

Address Types

Types of addresses people use, like "Home", "Office", and "Vacation".

Language Names

Languages spoken by employees and vendors. For example: "English" for a single language household, and "Spanish/English" for a bilingual household where Spanish is the primary language.

Relation Types

Types of relationships an employee has with an emergency contact, including "Wife", "Son", and "Neighbor".

Department Types

Departments that your employees work in, such as "Church", "School", and "Maintenance".

Position Types

Positions that your employees hold, like "Business Administrator", "Organist", and "Pastor".

Activity Types

Personal activities that your employees may be involved in, such as "Convention", "Funeral", and "Jury Duty".