Create Constant Contact Email Lists

You must have a Constant Contact account before you can create or update email lists within your PDS programs.

We partner with Constant Contact® so you can build and maintain email lists for your parish.

  1. On the Information tab, click Families > Processes > Create/Update Constant Contact Email List.
  2. Read the introduction information. To begin, click Next.
  3. Select which type of information you want to transfer to Constant Contact, and click Next.
  4. Select which records you want to use, then click Next.
  5. Review the Transfer List. If you want to exclude anyone from the email list, clear the check box. When you're ready, click Next.
  6. Select your Constant Contact account.
    1. To add your Constant Contact account information to your PDS program, click the add icon green plus sign, enter your information, and click Save/Close.
    2. To edit your account name or match fields for Constant Contact and PDS, select the account, click Edit, then select the field options you want.
    3. To authorize PDS to access your account, select the account, click Edit, click Authorize Account at the top, and follow the prompts.
  7. Click Next. The lists of contacts from your Constant Contact account display.
    • Click New to create a list. Enter a name, and click Save/Close. To set your new list as the default, click Yes. Select your new contact list, and click Next.
    • Or, select the contact list to update, and click Next.
  8. To send the selected information, click Transfer.
  9. After the data transfer, click Yes to visit the Constant Contact website. Or, click No to create/update another list or exit the process.