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Add Families to Other Office Programs

Before using this feature, make sure you've selected Allow Church Office to Add/Delete Records in the Initial Setup window.

If you share data with Church Office, you can quickly add families to that program from within Formation Office.

  1. Locate the family you want to add in other programs.
  2. Click the plus button white plus sign in a blue square to add the family in Church Office.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to add the family in the other Office program.
  4. Select the family members you want to add to the family in the other Office program, then click Use Marked Member(s).

Once the family is added to the other program, the plus buttons change to the icon for Church Office Church Office program logo. In the other program, the Formation Office icon Formation Office program logo displays on the family record. If you need to remove the family you added in Church Office, you can click the program icon.