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Compare Parish Data with the Diocesan Mailing List

You can compare your existing data for family names and addresses with similar information in a CSV file from another database, such as the one used by a newspaper or diocese. The process identifies families whose names and addresses match exactly, families where part of the data is different, or families in your internal or external data that aren't in the comparison list.

In addition, you can:
  • Create an external mailing list
  • Add second ID numbers from the external list to the matching families in your data
  • Accept changes to the families' names and addresses from the external file
  • Add new families that are in the external list but not in the data
  • Create and print a list of the differences including changes to addresses, families who have moved away, and new families
  1. On the Information tab, click Families > Processes > Compare Parish Data With Diocese Mailing List.
  2. Click the browse icon yellow folder and locate the CSV file you want to compare with your data.
  3. Select all options that apply to the CSV file.
  4. If needed, filter the parish data to compare by ID numbers or using additional selections.
  5. Select to compare only active, inactive, or all families.
  6. Select what to do with newly registered families and deleted families.
  7. Click Next.
  8. The Comparison List displays. Select the records you want to include in changes/export.
    Tip: You can customize the list of records using the options available at the bottom of the window.
  9. Click Next. You can print the comparison list, make global changes to your data, and/or create a new file of the comparisons.
  10. To customize your new file, click File Options. Specify additional options and phrases to describe the families for the exported files, and click Close.
  11. Click Finish.