Add a Cash Receipt

Cash receipts are transactions recorded when you receive money from an income source. You can add a batch of one or more cash receipts.
  1. On the Transactions tab, click Income > Cash Receipts.
  2. At the top, click Add Batch.
  3. Enter information in the fields.
    • Batch Date—By default, the date is set to the current fiscal month. You can change the batch date to any month that hasn't been closed.
    • Cash Amount—Select the cash account that you want the receipts in this batch to be entered for.
    • Reference—This number is filled in automatically using the current batch number followed by the number of this receipt within the batch.
    • Date—When you were paid by the income source. By default, this is the date closest to the current date that's within the batch month.
    • Source—Enter the income source name. Click the ellipses button to view the Income Sources window. If this is a one-time source (and you allow one-time sources in the Initial Setup window), select One-Time Use, and the source will not be added to the permanent list of sources.
    • Amount—Enter the amount you expect to receive from the income source. If this is recurring, enter the recurring amount.
    • Add Documents—Upload additional documents that support the cash receipt. For more information, see Add Documents.
  4. In the Distribution grid, enter how to distribute this cash receipt. If the income source or any account numbers have an automatic distribution set up, you can use the distribution.
    Note: The cash receipt cannot be saved until the amount remaining is $0.00.
  5. Click Save to enter the current cash receipt, or click Add Receipt to save the current one and begin adding another.