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Disable All Passwords

Occasionally, a security administrator forgets their password or some other emergency occurs, and you need to disable passwords to enter the program. Ideally, a backup security administrator can enter the program and reset the password.

If this isn't an option, use the Rescue program on the installation CD. It contains an option to disable passwords. You can then enter the program, change the passwords, and enable user security again.

CAUTION: Use the Rescue program as a last resort.
  1. From either your PDS program CD or your local installation directory, double-click and run the Setup.exe file.
  2. To open the Rescue program, click the red cross in the bottom left of the Setup window.
  3. When the Rescue program starts, click Next.
  4. If you have more than one PDS program installed on your computer, select the option that describes the program you need to unlock passwords for, and click OK.
  5. On the Disable Passwords tab, verify or enter the path for the data folder, then click Disable Passwords > OK.

The passwords are now disabled, and you can start the PDS program and reset passwords.