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Check eGiving Status

This quick posting is intended for Vanco Payment Solutions customers. Once you've processed eGiving with Vanco, this quick posting checks the Vanco website and returns the status of each transaction you requested.

  • Typically, you must wait at least 24 hours after using the Post eGiving quick posting before checking the status.
  • You can restrict access to this quick posting with a password. In Access and Privileges, set the access level under the Diocese heading.
  1. On the Diocese tab, click Development Funds > Quick Posting > Check eGiving Status.
  2. Select a transfer type.
  3. In the top grid, select the batch to check. The bottom grid displays the payments and donations included in your selected batch.
  4. When you're ready to check the batch, click Check Batch Status.
  5. Review the returns and exceptions in the grid.
  6. Click Post Returns/Exceptions to post the errors to the family's fund history entries.