Set Goals for Funds

You can set goals for each parish and view the overall goal for a fund.
  1. On the Diocese tab, click Development Funds > Goals.
  2. Select a fund in the top grid.
    All the parishes associated with the selected fund display in the bottom grid.

    If you want to display records from the Diocesan Offices, Depts, & Orgs section and the Groups & Businesses section, select Show All Institutions at the bottom.

    To more easily understand write-offs, select Subtract the Write-Off Amount from the Pledge Amount. This displays a column for Org. Pledge (Original Pledge) amount and moves the Write-Off column between Org. Pledge and Pledged. The Org. Pledge minus the Write-Off equals the Pledged amount.

  3. Enter a goal for each applicable institution.
  4. At the top, click Save.
  5. Click Refresh Values to update the Received, Pledged, Due, Write-Off, and Addl. Gifts columns in both grids as well as the Overall Goal column in the top grid.
    Note: When you refresh the values, the totals for each parish are recalculated based on the current totals from the parish record. If you manually enter the figures for a parish, select Don't Recalculate in the grid.
    Tip: Depending on the amount of fund information, the recalculation process can be time consuming. You may want to schedule the recalculation to run after hours using Windows® Task Scheduler. Check out Microsoft help for information.