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Set Up Overtime

You may need to set up overtime for an employer.

  1. On the Payroll tab, click Employer > Overtime Setup.
  2. Under Rates, enter the hourly multiplier rate for the following types of overtime:
    • Special Time—Holiday or other special pay rates.
    • Overtime 1—Hours worked over the normal amount.
    • Overtime 2—Hours worked over the normal amount and Overtime 1.
  3. Under Hours to Qualify, enter the number of hours required to qualify for each type of overtime. For example, anything over 40 hours each week receives Overtime 1, and anything over 60 hours each week receives Overtime 2.
  4. To manually enter overtime hours when you print paychecks, enter 0 in the Overtime 1 and Overtime 2 columns.
  5. At the top, click Save.