Invitation Models

Should you encourage congregants to sign up for Realm on your website or should you send invitations? This article explains each invitation model.

In order to take full advantage of all that Realm has to offer, you'll want to make it as easy as possible for congregants to find small groups, communicate with each other, access personal giving history, or register for events. But it's also important to balance this transparency with privacy concerns and understand the benefits and risks of both invitation models. You'll need to decide if congregants will be allowed to register for events and/or anonymously give online to your church.

Tip: Keep in mind that invitation models are not "set-it-and-forget it". As an administrator, you can easily change your invitation model to serve various strategies or goals. You can also mix and match invitation models with giving forms or specific URLs to make giving or registering for events easier for your community of faith.

There are two types of invitation models. By default, all accounts are set to the invitation-only model when you first purchase or convert to Realm. For more information, see the Best Practices Guide.

To check what invitation model you're using, check your church profile.