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Limit Congregant Access in Realm

Use the Member Status profile field to determine what congregants can see and do in Realm.

Keep your congregant information safe from people who shouldn't have access to it. Before inviting congregants to use Realm, you can set up what they can see and do on your site.

The system profile field called Member Status (or Parishioner Status for some denominations) is used to determine the level of access different groups of people can have. Assign the appropriate Member Status on each congregant profile, so when they log in to your site, they can only see and do what you've allowed.

For example, you might allow participating members of the church (marked as "Member") to see other congregants in the directory, whereas someone who visited the church once (marked as "Visitor") should not be able to view the names of your congregants. Setting these options based on the Member Status can ensure that your congregant information is safe and only visible to those who should have access to it.

Here's how congregant security and privacy works:
  • Add values for Member Status under Profiles > Settings on the Profile Fields tab.
  • Set up what each Member Status is allowed to see and do under Settings > Privacy & Security.
  • Assign a Member Status to every profile, based on what the individual can see and do.
  • When congregants log in, they can see and do only what their Member Status allows.