Inviting People to Realm

When you've completed customizing Realm, you'll want to communicate and encourage your congregation to either accept an invitation to join Realm (invite only model), or, if you chosen an open model for the initial launch, you'll lead them to visit your website to create a login.


You can invite congregants and others to use Realm.

For an open church, a Realm invitation just gives your congregants a convenient email link they can use to create a login. For an invitation-only church, however, it's a requirement for creating a login.

By default, Realm is set to an invite only model, which means you must send emails that contain a link to your site, inviting each person to sign in. You can, however, change Realm to an open invitation model, allowing congregants to sign up on their own. We recommend this model be used for a limited time. See Using Realm Invitation Models-A Best Practices Guide.
  • To send invitations to individuals, see Invite Users One-at-a-Time.
  • To send invitations to group members, see Invite Group Members to Join Realm.
  • To send invitations in mass or bulk, see our our instructions on creating a report, and use the results to send Realm invitations.
  • To see a list of invitees, click Profiles > Pending Invites. To send reminder emails, select the check box next to one or more individuals, then select Send a Reminder in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

When do emails expire?

Some emails require a response from the recipient. Of those, some must be answered within in a set period of time; others are valid indefinitely. Here are some examples:

Invitation to congregants and leaders to sign up for Realm90 days from date sent
Invitation reminder90 days from date sent
Invitation for those with new user permissions to sign up24 hours
Invitations for converted accounts72 hours
Password reset24 hours

Using Realm Invitation Models-A Best Practices Guide

Download and print this best practice guide which explains the benefits and risks of both invitation models.

Using the open-invitation model comes with additional responsibilities to safeguard the privacy of your congregation. Download and print this best practices guide.