MinistrySmart Academy Staff Pass

Gain access to premium learning content with MinistrySmart Academy!

A MinistrySmart Academy Staff Pass provides online courses for you and your staff. You can select a subscription plan based on your needs.

If you prefer an in-depth training experience, consider the Pro Staff Pass. For example, a course under the Starter Staff Pass may cover how to set up background checks, whereas the Pro Staff Pass would cover best practices for running background checks, legal considerations, regulation requirements, and more.

Subscription Plans

The Starter Staff Pass (included with Realm) provides:

  • Online courses to complete in your own time
  • Quizzes to confirm what you learned
  • Recommended learning paths per role

The Pro Staff Pass (monthly fee) includes everything in the starter plan plus:

  • Live and on-demand webinars
  • Access to exclusive virtual training schools (Bootcamps)
  • Advanced Realm training
  • Training on risk management and preventative measures
  • Courses to inspire your staff and enable your ministry for success
  • The ability to assign courses and videos to learners
  • Access to reports that detail your church's training activity


The Starter Staff Pass is included with your Realm plan for free. The Pro Staff Pass has a monthly fee based on your Realm plan. You can view what your cost will be before you subscribe. This monthly fee shows up on your Realm invoice.

If needed, you can cancel your subscription for no additional charge and change back to the free Starter Pass at any time. Users will be able to access Pro Pass content until the end of the month. If you decide you want back in, resubscribe before the end of the month to view your Pro Pass content again for no additional charge. After that, you must subscribe again.

Manage Your MinistrySmart Academy Subscription

Choose the type of learning content you see in MinistrySmart Academy.

  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Click Admin > Manage Realm Account > Additional Features.
  3. If you have not set up a Staff Pass yet, click Learn More by MinistrySmart Staff Pass. Otherwise, click Manage Subscription.
  4. Review the subscription plans.
  5. To subscribe to the Pro Pass, click Choose this plan. Review the information, then click Subscribe to confirm.
  6. To cancel your Pro Pass subscription, click Cancel subscription. Review the information, then click Cancel Subscription to confirm.
  7. To resubscribe to Pro Pass before your subscription has ended, click Resubscribe to this plan. Review the information, then click Resubscribe to confirm.