Void a Paycheck

When you void a paycheck from a closed period, the QTD/YTD totals update and the appropriate portion of the employer's FICA automatic journal entry reverses. The employer FUTA and SUTA entries do not automatically reverse, and you must manually correct them.

Paychecks paid in a closed period can only be voided. They cannot be deleted.

CAUTION: Be careful. Voiding a transaction cannot be reversed.
  1. On the Transactions tab, click Expenses > Paychecks.
  2. In the Paycheck window, locate the paycheck to void.
  3. Click Void Paycheck.
  4. Enter an optional description of the reason you are voiding the paycheck.
  5. Click Void or Delete.
    Note: You should only delete a paycheck if you entered it by mistake.

If you void a paycheck from a closed period, "Voided by Reversing in a Later Period" displays in red above the Distribution grid. If you void a paycheck from the current period, "Voided" displays.