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Create a One-Time or Bonus Check

You can create a one-time check when you need to pay employees for something other than salary, like longevity or performance bonuses.

One-time or bonus checks are added using the Print Paychecks process. This procedure describes the part of the process where you create it.

Note: Changes made during this process affect only the paycheck in the payroll batch, not the information in the employee's Wages/Master Paycheck window. This does not change the original master paycheck.
  1. On the Transactions tab, click Expenses > Print Paychecks.
  2. Enter the paycheck setup information and the appropriate check date. Select which pay periods to use, set the date range to the check date, then click Next.
  3. Click Pay next to the employee you want to add the check for. If needed, click Yes to create a new check.
  4. If the employee is hourly, the Gross Calculation dialog box displays.
    • If you're paying the one-time or bonus check along with regular employee pay, enter the total number of hours worked, then click Apply/OK.
    • If you're only paying the one-time or bonus check amount, enter 0 hours, then click Apply/OK.
  5. Select the check you want to modify (the one you just created), and click Edit Paycheck Details.
  6. At the top, select the payment method, and clear the Vacation and Sick accrual options.
  7. Click Insert, and select the account number. If this is a bonus check, select the type Bonus, and enter the fixed amount.
  8. For any unnecessary line times in the grid (such as salary, health insurance, and 401(K)), select it and click Line Delete.
  9. Edit any other information as needed.
    Note: Click View Actuals to see the dollar amounts of the check.
  10. When you finish making changes to the paycheck, click Save.

After you create a one-time or bonus check, you can continue the Print Paychecks process.