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Enter Employee Direct Deposit Information

Enter additional information in the Employee window for each employee who wants to use direct deposit.

Note: Depositing into Multiple Accounts If an employee wants their paychecks deposited into multiple bank accounts, enter each account in the grid. You must enter a fixed amount for all but one of the accounts. The account without the fixed amount receives the amount remaining from the check after the fixed amounts are deducted.
  1. On the Payroll tab, click Employees.
  2. Locate the employee who wants to use direct deposit.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Direct Deposit.
  4. Enter direct deposit information in the grid.
  5. If the employee wants a fixed dollar amount deposited into an account, select Use a Fixed Amount and enter a value for Fixed Amount. This is the maximum amount that can be deposited into the specified account.
  6. At the top, click Save.